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How We Give Back

Our Mission

Through a good friend of mine, we've partnered with Go Be Love - Jessica B. leads teams to Africa to spread the Word of God and help and support the local communities. 


Jessica supports the local artisan women buy purchasing jewelry and goods they've handmade from locally sourced materials.

We are partnering in these efforts by donating

.25 cents from all Feathers Of Leather purchases straight to these women who are supporting themselves and their families with the beautiful products they make. 

It is our mission to help women around the world share their talents and products by selling ours! 

Go Be Love is just our first partnership. We are looking to expand the out reach of our donations as we grow. If you have an organizaion you believe would fit with our mission please let us know! We are so excited about the prospect of helping other women do just what we are doing - supporting themselves and their families with hand made goods!